Time Building

We have a beautiful 1980 Cessna 152-II airplane that is fully IFR certified and capable of with its Garmin touch screen 175 GPS, ILS/LOC Nav Radio, Garmin AERA 660 GPS with ADS-B in & out, Glass cockpit with 2 X AV-30s without the fear of vacuum pump failure in hard IMC, heated Pitot tube, 516 Lbs. useful load. Regularly maintained at every 100 Hour inspections. You can pick up the plane and keep at your base airport during the time building.

25 Hr. Block Rental is 160/Hr. Wet

50 Hr. Block Rental is 155/Hr. Wet

75 Hr. Block Rental is 150/Hr. Wet

100 Hr. Block Rental is 145/Hr. Wet

If you have any question,

Please reach out to me at 360 775 75 99 or jackgrahamaviation@gmail.com