Flight Instruction

1- I am a full time Flight instructor, I don't do Charters, I don't do anything except instructing in everyday all day. I am not your airline retired 70 years old pilot who has not taught for last 30 years but carries a CFI license in his pocket, I am not your 21 years old basic CFI who has never been in clouds himself but teaches Instrument rating. If you start with me, you finish with me. I will be available 24/7 for you and your questions days, nights, holidays and will go above and beyond to help finish your training.

2- If you are looking to do the least necessary work to get your pilot license, then I am not your Instructor. I teach real life flying, I strive to train safe knowledgeable pilots who is above the standards. I will give 150% of my time, effort, energy to you and I expect you to do the same. We will work towards your goal together and pass your check ride successfully as a team.

3-Jack Graham is a CFI, CFI-I and MEI for both ASEL+AMEL.

4- Jack Graham is a member of NAFI, National Associates of Flight Instructors and 100 Percent safety oriented Certified flight Instructor.

5- Jack Graham can provide training for SPIN, Tailwheel, High performance, complex and TAA

6- Jack Graham provides 100 percent scheduling flexibility for your needs. I fly days, nights, holidays, IMC, VMC Conditions, Anywhere Anytime. I LOVE FLYING

7- Jack Graham will go above and beyond to finish your training no matter what as long as you have the Time, Energy, Money and the Commitment.

8- If you are not a US citizen, No Problem. JACK GRAHAM is also authorized to provide flight training to NON-US Citizens.

I provide very well Maintained Fully IFR certified and capable 1980 Cessna 152 that has Garmin 175 touch screen GPS and equipped with Glass cockpit.

Airplane Rental is 165$/Hr. wet

CFI rate is 95$/Hr.

CFII, MEI and Tailwheel rate is 115$/Hr.

TAA, Complex, High Performance, G1000, G500, G3X is 115$/Hr.

Cell Phone #: 360 775 7599