Accelerated PPL from 0 to Hero

The US national average is 65 flight hours to become a private pilot. That's nearly twice the FAA minimum. My Program is based on reality, will save you more time and money, Plus you will build more flying experience with a Professional Flight Instructor who has given 1000 flight instruction hours.

* Fix price for everything; online ground school, pilot supplies, checkride fee, airplane rental, flight and ground instructions.

* 15 days, total of 65 flight hours and minimum 80 hours of flight + ground instructions.

* Minimum 4 hour of flight everyday and 3 hours ground instructions.

* I wrote my own training syllabus, lessons plans and a book on PPL checkride that will make it super easy for you.

* Available Locations are Sequim WA W28 - Port Angeles WA KCLM - Port Townsend WA 0S9

* 2 prerequisites, get your 3rd class medical license and pass your FAA written exam before we start.

* I can help you complete your training if you are part way through!

* I can come to you if you can provide housing.

* 1000$ nonrefundable down payment for scheduling.

* The cost is 17,999$

* Serious People Who wants to get his/her pilot license and no spammers please !!!

Got Questions ?? Send me an email with your questions